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New York is a busy city. People hustle and bustle around the city streets without much time to be nice to each other. So the people from Improv Everywhere decided to conduct a genius experiment.  They placed a specially designed wooden lectern with a megaphone on top with a sign that read "Say Something Nice", in various public places around the city.

The prank collective said: "We wanted to see what would happen if New Yorkers were given the opportunity to amplify their voices to say something nice.”

As you can see from the video, the New Yorkers did just that!

We love this, it made us smile.



Written By: Paul Wright

Paul has over 13 years experience in Senior Design and Creative Director Roles delivering high-end eCommerce design which focuses on the user experience. Paul has the ability to design for the end-user and understands the customer journey through all touchpoints. He is skilled in translating the site information architecture into an easy-to-use navigation system, whilst making it an exciting and visually appealing user experience

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