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“Video is King”

Here’s a couple of stats to get this going: YouTube is the number four website in the world right now, and it’s been said that the average visitor will stay on your website for six times longer if you’ve got video on your site. Let’s face it, wouldn’t you prefer to watch a 2 minute video, than spend ten minutes trailing through various articles online? We would. Nowadays, humans don’t have the greatest attention spans - latest research showed humans to have a shorter attention span than goldfish at a measly 8 seconds.. (how embarassing!).. which means we all need to start cutting out the fluff, say it quick and get straight to the point. Video marketing is a great way of doing this. Numerous studies show us that video is the way everything’s moving forward in this crazy digital world we live in, so there couldn’t be a better time to join in all the action!

Knowing this, we decided to have a short video made to give everyone an insight into the world of Rubber Cheese. It was the Harlow Star Business Awards that got our butts into gear and motivated us to do this. We had a very short time allocation for our presentation and only one person allowed in front of the judges, so we quickly decided that video would be the best way to introduce them to the team behind the brand, and to show them what we’re all about with some time spare to enjoy some cheesy popcorn, some fizz, and a maybe a few questions. It was very strange having a camera in our faces for an entire day (except for Paul.. who seemed to relish the spotlight) but since it was unleashed onto the world, it’s has had a pretty awesome response. Before we show you our little 2 minute 31 second movie, here are some things we learnt about video marketing along the way...


Video engages us

Studies show that humans are hard wired to be drawn to video content. Elements such as human voices, faces, emotions, body language and movement quickly grabs our attention, and makes converting and gathering information extremely efficient, engaging and memorable. Get this, a whopping 95% of information is retained via video content vs 10% of text based content - it's a no brainer.

Video tells a story

Video allows viewers to connect emotionally with viewers through sight, sound and storytelling. Ok yes, you can choose to read a good old fashioned book, but you can watch a movie in a fraction of the time whilst getting clear visuals.. Forrester Research even stated that a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. So, if you or your target audience strapped for time, which is pretty likely, video is for you.

Video builds your brand

Anyone can write an article or a blog, but video of you and your brand is something no-one else can create as every brand is 100% completely different - thanks to the people behind it. Video allows you to quickly get across who you are, your personality, style, humour, energy and professionalism, all within the way you look, how you speak, and even through your body language.

Video forces you to keep things simple

By creating a short video, it forces you to cut out anything unnecessary and to put things in simple, quick and easy terms. Prior to filming this video we had been putting together some new copy and messages for our up-coming website redesign (it’s all very exciting, stay tuned!) but this all changed once we started filming. When you say things out loud you can suddenly hear things from the viewers perspective, and we suddenly noticed how we had overcomplicated our messages with some unnecessary jargon, which really isn’t us.. so needless to say this was quickly rectified so that the result was simple and to the point.

Video makes you personable

Have a quick think.. how many people do you watch on TV that you know have opinions of, and how many of those have you actually met? Video can tell a lot about a person. Using video to introduce your business allows people to get to know you and quickly relate and form an opinion of you. This forms the foundation of a relationship which can be built upon.

Video sells

According to recent studies, 64-85% of viewers are more likely to buy after watching product videos. Take Apple for example, their TV advertisements and high quality images practically sell their products for them. And as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so a video must be worth... well, we don’t have time to count that high!

It’s the future

Did you know that video accounts for over 50% of all current mobile traffic? This will increase to at least two-thirds by 2017, and 92% of these video-watching mobile users like to share videos with their friends. This audience will only continue to grow, and as all the top search engine sites have made video a prominent factor, including video in your site will increase your chances of getting on the first page of google by a whopping 53%. Earlier this year when we visited Marketing Week Live 2013, Kimberly Kriss of AEG Europe made the bold statement that “Video is King” - we think she's right.


Anyway, here’s what you’ve been skimming our article for: Presenting...

‘Rubber Cheese: The Movie’...



We’d love it if you could let us know what you think in a comment below, and if you need some help with your video marketing, whether it’s getting started or improving the quality or strategy, just get in touch, we’d love to help you become superstars!

Written By: Trudy Collins

Experience Trudy’s previous experience in marketing and graphic design roles, sandwiched with a love for design and all the goings on within the industry makes her an ideal addition. She has a Diploma in Art & Design, and is currently studying part time towards a BA Hons in Graphic Design & Illustration which we think could come in handy!

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