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We love building relationships with our clients that will last. Give us a call to talk through your ideas.

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About Us

Purpose, Vision, Values

Our Purpose

“To create extraordinary web and branding solutions, deliver an amazing customer experience, and turn client dreams into reality”

Our Vision

“To be the design agency that sets the standard for delivering both extraordinary design solutions and experiences for our customers”

Our Values

These values influence all of our decisions and working practice each and every day. Scroll through them on the right.

  • Aim for the Moon

    - No. 1 -

    our values


    Shoot for the Moon - Always deliver an extraordinary service. Good and nice are just not enough. Make every encounter count. Create an awesome experience for everyone we work with, from supplier to client.

  • Work with Trust

    - No. 2 -

    our values


    Work with Trust & Honesty - We are straight talking, trustworthy, honest and genuine. We will always tell you what you need to hear for your business to be a success - in a positive and professional way. We’ll only work with partners and associates we can trust, who share our values and respect our clients as much as we do.

  • Wear Different Shoes

    - No. 3 -

    our values


    Wear Different Shoes - Think from another person’s perspective, you might learn something.

  • Laugh at Yourself

    - No. 4 -

    our values


    Laugh at Yourself - With a name like Rubber Cheese, how could we not? Humour and fun are important to us, it’s what keeps us smiling. Be yourself at all times, be genuine.

  • Bend and Stretch

    - No. 5 -

    our values


    Bend and Stretch - People come in many shapes and sizes and have preferred ways of doing things, so be flexible, and work in collaboration.

  • Be Humble

    - No. 6 -

    our values


    Be Humble - "Being humble means recognising that we are not on earth to see how important we can become, but to see how much difference we can make in the lives of others"
    - We couldn’t put it any better than Mr. Gordon B. Hinckley

They provided great ideas, and the end result exceeded all our expectations.

Oliver Svatek, International Marketing Manager at Beefeater Dry, a Chivas Brothers Brand

We strongly believe in straight talking and building long lasting relationships. Find out what else makes us different...

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