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About Us

The Team

Meet the brains behind the beauty

Meet The Team

Trudy Collins



Trudy’s previous experience in marketing and graphic design roles, sandwiched with an obsession for design and all the goings on within the industry makes her an ideal addition. She also has a Diploma in Art & Design and a BA (Hons) Degree in Graphic Design under her belt.


Trudy’s strengths and passions lie with design and anything which involves getting a bit creative. She has great skills in marketing and internet savviness, and is also a wonderfully talented writer. We like to call her our ‘Pocket Rocket’, she might be small, but her passion and heart are massive.




Pinterest, sit-coms, MasterChef Australia, dancing, and Sunday roast dinner.


Olives, pineapple, and scary films.

My Fav Motto


My Guilty Pleasure

Fossils Fossils

Top Trumps Scores

  • Funny Faces: 23
  • Tea Making: 2
  • Singing: 18
  • Dancing: 95
  • Need for Sleep: 92
  • Culinary Skills: 32
  • Eating: 87