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How to make your office a happy place to work

We truly believe that making your office a positive and fun place to be will result in happy employees, a happy business and very happy business owners, so everybody wins then - hoorah!

Written By:
Trudy Collins
  • 29/08/2013
  • 4 Mins to Read
  • By: Trudy Collins
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Here at Rubber Cheese Towers, we think your office space should be an extension of your brands personality, a place that makes you and your employees feel happy, comfortable and creative. If you think about it, it’s likely that we spend more time at our computer desks at work than we do in our own homes. Do you really want to be sat in a dull, soulless and un-imaginative office space for near on 40 hours a week? Of course not, it would sap the life and motivation out of anyone.

We wanted to turn Rubber Cheese Towers into a bright and positive environment filled with creativity and inspiration. We have put a lot of love into our quirky office, not only to make it look inviting and personable for our friendly visitors, but we also believe that creating a comfortable and fun work environment enhances our own creativity and productivity, helping us all to get lots of exciting stuff done!

Google office interior.

Google office interior.

Google's crazy golf course.

Google. Leading the way forward.

Take Google for example, the worlds most in demand employer. Their innovative office designs and relaxed, fun approach towards their employees has been the subject of numerous articles in the media in the past few years, suggesting that the importance of fun at work improves employee morale and productivity – And with the monstrous search engine leading the way raking in over £64 million pounds each day (that’s right, each day!)… the money spent on these perks and crazy office spaces must be paying for itself! Thing is, when someone is given so much, they go out of their way to give back to show their appreciation, which is how they see such amazing results.

Here are just a few of Google’s ‘perks’ that boost the morale of the work environment;

  • The roof of their Torronto office is vacated by a crazy golf course, how awesome!
  • They’re given the freedom to spend a fifth of their time working on whatever innovative and crazy projects that they like.
  • When their hair gets to that annoying length, they can schedule a haircut onsite completely free of charge!
  • They get use of a fully equipped gym to keep their health in tip top condition.
  • They can also choose to play some pool, ping-pong or even video games to pass their spare time.
View from Cheese Towers.

View from Cheese Towers.

The chicks.

Here are a few sneak peeks into our office on the third floor of Sawbridgeworth Maltings, overlooking some canal boats and plenty of ducks.

Here you can see our little chicks, inspiration wall, the CheeseBoard Room and what we call ‘the hole’, a little private space divided by some colourful ribbons. Oh, and anyone who exits the hole must come out in a ‘Stars in their Eyes’ fashion.

Paul, our Creative Director has accumulated a collection of fun and quirky items over the years that co-inside with our Brand Personality nicely, whilst giving the office a bit of a quirky vibe which we like. And it may not be a crazy rooftop golf course, but we do have a dart board – just for when we’re feeling a bit competitive on our lunch breaks…

The dart board.

The dart board.

The golden welly boot.

Our verdict.

We truly believe that making your office a positive and fun place to be will result in happy employees, a happy business and very happy business owners, so everybody wins then – hoorah!

For even more sneak peeks into all the goings on at Rubber Cheese Towers, give our Rubber Cheese Movie a quick watch, or click here to follow us over on Instagram.

Over to you…

We’d love to know about you and your very own office space. How do you make your work environment a happy place to be? Please share with us by leaving a comment.