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Industry focus: Working with food and drink brands

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Written By:
Kelly Molson
Website Design
  • 06/05/2016
  • 10 Mins to Read
  • By: Kelly Molson
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We have a particular love for food and drink here, in part due to our greediness! The food and drink sector is so appealing to us because it is creative and inspiring, some of the stories our clients come to us with are truly amazing.

It seemed natural to talk about food and drink for the first of our ‘industry focus’ blog posts because much of our work is in this sector. Aren’t we lucky?

We’re fortunate to have worked with established brands like Beefeater Gin, Juice Master and The Glenlivet plus indies like The Foraging Fox and Cambridge Artisan. We think our mixture of experience working for large and small, new and old gives us a unique set of skills.

We love working with food and drink clients (lets face it, who wouldn’t) and we’re lucky to work with some of the best brands in the industry.

Our focus on consumer engagement means we look at all the ways we can engage your target audience on your site, to either keep them on it longer, upload something to it, or share something from it.

How should food and drink companies approach branding and design?

Modern design for food and drink has changed a lot from those beige-toned 1970s cookbooks your Mum has in her kitchen. Now we focus on quality and provenance in the independent sector and for established brands heritage, sustainability and usability is often the main message.

If you’re a brand new business, an independent or a start-up we’d encourage you look at your product from a consumer’s point of view. Put yourself in their shoes.

  • Why would they buy your product?
  • What makes it unique from competitors?
  • Where are they likely to shop for it?
  • How can they use it, what goes with it?
  • Which brands would complement yours?

When it comes to talking to a design agency (us!) it is good to have the above questions answered, and also to have some goals in place for your business. This could be stockists, website sales or any awards or accolades you’d like to achieve (for example, a Great Taste Award).

Creating a fresh new look with the Juice Master

Our work with Juice Master held the customer at the centre of the project. Created by Jason Vale, he’d already sold over 2 million books worldwide and been regularly featured in the press, before setting up his new venture. The client had already established the message Juice Master provided any easy way to enjoy fresh, healthy juices – but the challenge lay in enabling customers to purchase. They wanted us to redesign their packaging and improve their website to simplifying the purchasing process.

We built a fresh, modern identity for the brand and a vibrant, easy to navigate e-commerce website including a full UI/UX review. We knew that the typical customer would be short on time, so it was essential that the website allowed them to make quick decisions and access all the information easily.

They also wanted a fresher, modern identity to go along with their business ethos. The blue bottles were chosen by Jason, he wanted an opaque bottle to keep the sun out and the juice in. We incorporated this vivid blue into the web design to develop a consistent image. The packaging clearly indicates what flavours the juices are, and importantly what day to drink them on. Read more about the Juice Master on our portfolio pages.

What if you’re working on a big brand project?

One of our proudest moments was working on the website for the Beefeater London visitor centre, designing and developing a website for bookings and visitor information.

With such a recognisable brand (Beefeater was established in 1862), it is really important to stick to their brand guidelines, especially in relation to look and feel. This doesn’t mean you can’t be creative though!

When working with larger clients we always ask them to come prepared with their essentials – this includes brand guidelines, deadlines and information about the audiences they are trying to reach. This will help us picture what needs to be achieve and stick to the plan!

For the Beefeater project, responsiveness was front and centre. They’re a big brand so the website will be accessed from many different devices, and the site is able to cater to any type of visitor. The bold design adds focus on the important information and navigation points, and the photography is fresh and vibrant whilst still being recognisably Beefeater.

How can a food or drink brand communicate well?

Everyone is different but there are a few areas that we think are really important to consider for a food brand. Every project should be approached like any other build – websites should be easy to navigate, responsive and with instantly recognisable branding.

For food brands in particular you should really try to picture the lifestyle your product belongs in. Foodies are a passionate bunch and really do want to know what makes your salt and vinegar crisps different from any other brand. Talk about:

  • Provenance – your ingredients, where they’re sourced from, why you think this is important
  • Quality – important for larger brands. Think about what makes your product better, in terms of production and quality of ingredients
  • Your brand story – how did you begin? Why do you do what you do?
  • Where – stockists and online shops, make it obvious where the product can be bought. This is particularly important with FMCG as you’ll be working with distributors.

Get a flavour for what we do over on our portfolio page. We’d love to see you for a cuppa to chat further; there will of course be biscuits!