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Team Cheese’s favourite visitor attractions and tourist spots

It’s no secret that Team Cheese loves visitor and tourist attractions, but just where are our favourite places? 


Alton Towers in the UK has to be top of my list, just because I love roller coasters!

If I was heading overseas then Khao Phing Kan, Phang Nga Bay in Thailand (also known as James Bond Island) would be the place I’d recommend again and again.

My wife and I went kayaking around the islands there, a totally amazing experience.


I really love Hatfield Forest which I used to live on the edge of. It was a great place to go for walks and is adjacent to Flitch Way which is an old railway route – also a great walk.

I think the most fascinating museum I’ve been to has to be Body Worlds in Amsterdam. So fascinating to see how the body works as they have preserved corpses on the show – as grim and spooky as that sounds!


Being the proud owners of a nearly-4-year-old, we don’t get out much! But anything we can do as a family is always a bonus.

We really enjoy The Gruffalo Trail at High Lodge, Thetford.

We’ve discovered something new every time. Seeing his little face the first time we came face-to-face with the Gruffalo was a delight! We’ll have to check out the app next time and get interactive, that will blow his mind!

It’s great, because there are practical things like loos and a cafe, the outdoorsiness of it all means you can meander or tear about like a nutter (all was quiet in the deep, dark wood until we came along), and around each corner is something to keep the little guys amused.

Take a picnic, some sunnies and a raincoat – if this ‘Summer’ is anything to go by – and you can spend a whole day, topped off with a hearty dinner at the Elvedon Inn a short drive away. What’s not to love?


Who could resist the Magic in Hong Kong Disneyland Resort? The happiest place on Earth!

The theme park is licensed by Walt Disney.

My favourite part of the experience was the finale – the Parades & Fireworks show.

Everywhere you look, whatever you do, every piece of the experience was just wonderful and magical. 

This kind of adventure is one of my inspirations to work and reward myself to have fun.

Will I be going back and visit other Disneyland parks?

Yes, of course! Besides, it’s a small world after all!

With such stunning scenery, is it any wonder that James and Al chose beautiful places in Indonesia, Thailand and of course the Philippines?


Number one on my list is “Remote island-hopping”. This would be to islands having white beaches, corals, dive spots, and beer. 

The very best places to do this are:

Bali, Indonesia

Phuket, Thailand

Coron, Philippines


Mine would be Siargao Island. 

The beach is absolutely incredible there and you can surf and take part in all kinds of water sports and activities. Lots of things to do, I like to keep active.

Check out the video of what Siargao is like!


Where are your favourite places? We’d love to know!

Paul Wright.
Kelly Molson Managing Director

Host of the popular Skip the Queue Podcast, for people working in or working with visitor attractions, she regularly delivers workshops and presentations on the sector at various national conferences and universities including The Visitor Attractions Conference, ASVA and Anglia Ruskin University.

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