How do you build ‘digital things’ for GLAMs without a huge budget?

The hunger for immersive experiences is stronger than it’s ever been. For this episode of the podcast, we speak to one of the pioneers of this trend, John Sear

Multi-talented and highly creative, John designs game-like things – urban games where players are on a live stake-out in a public car park, or a 500 player laser game experience you can play at theatres or festivals.

In this episode, we discuss John’s DIY tutorials for museums so that you can build exciting ‘digital things’ without a huge budget. 

  • Creating games that are fun, educational and true to venues
  • The importance of storytelling
  • How to build ‘digital things’ without a huge budget
  • Collaborative touch table experiences
  • Focusing on fun first, educational after
  • Using you venue for immersive theatre experiences, when it’s usually closed

To listen to the full podcast, search Skip The Queue on iTunes, Google Podcasts and Spotify or click the link below:

Listen to the Skip the Queue Podcast.


Heads up, this podcast was recorded in 2019, so there’s a few things mentioned that might be a little out of context.

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