Rubber Cheese part of the ‘Business Resilience Programme’ for the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

Rubber Cheese have created one of the programmes for the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women ‘Business Resilience Programme’ in partnership with Cambridge Wireless, Synergy Solutions, and Kings College London

The programme is designed to help over 100,000 female entrepreneurs globally to safeguard their business from Covid-19.  Many women are struggling to keep their businesses afloat in these difficult times, and lack the support they need to adapt and sustain their businesses. This stands to have severe knock-on effects on their families, communities and economies.

This free-to-access, online training programme guides women entrepreneurs through the development of a 90-day action plan to safeguard their businesses. Users can learn in bite-size chunks, from home, at a time when it suits them, and have access to a range of tasks, lessons and informative videos.

Our webinar ‘Taking your business online’ focuses on using the Shopify platform to begin trading online quickly and easily.

Women entrepreneurs from lower or middle income countries globally can register for access via the link here:


A huge thank you to Olu Orugboh and Abhi Naha for allowing us to be part of this inspiring project and for working incredibly hard to make it a reality. Thank you also to fellow contributors, Ute Stephan of Kings College London and Sylvie Lui.


Paul Wright.
Kelly Molson Managing Director

Kelly Molson is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Rubber Cheese. She’s a champion of women in digital and is passionate about increasing the number of women agency owners in the UK. She founded Mob Happy, which is a series of not-for-profit events for women agency owners and runs intimate mastermind groups that support existing founders and inspire future leaders.

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