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Meet the Team: Liam, Lead Developer

We put Lead Developer Liam in the spotlight. He talks about developing a forum for bookworms, his love of F1 and the future of web development.

Written By:
Kelly Molson
Agency News
  • 21/10/2015
  • 5 Mins to Read
  • By: Kelly Molson
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I’ve been part of the Rubber Cheese team for 4 years now, and I lead web development for our clients’ websites and apps. I also need to keep things ticking over so a large part of my day is spent on maintenance and testing – this means everything stays working and we also keep ahead of changes to the web!

I’ve been a developer since 2009, when I got my first job as a junior developer shortly after graduating from the University of Plymouth with a First Class Degree in Multimedia, Production and Technology. I worked for a Bristol-based video production company where I worked with brands like Marriott, HP and Nintendo.

I’ve always had an interest in how things work internally. Around the same time I started University Facebook and Twitter launched which sparked my curiosity. It set me off on a path to learn how to develop websites and figure out how they work; this is when I started to produce my own sites. By the time I reached my final year I had built up my knowledge of web development, and even created my own niche social network for bookworms, which had over 1000 active users. Today I still want to develop new products and it’s a goal I share with Rubber Cheese.

I’m obsessed with cars! I will spend hours detailing my car, browsing the Piston Heads forum and I never miss an F1 race. I live with my wife in Chelmsford and I’m originally from Lancashire. I’ve moved around a fair bit, starting at university in Plymouth, my first job was in Bristol and now we are in sunny Essex!

We’ve recently worked with Chivas Brothers at Rubber Cheese to help streamline their online graduate recruitment process with a bespoke website. The company receives thousands of applications each year and this new site has transformed how they recruit graduates – improving the process for them and offering a more attractive proposition to for potential employees. Following the launch we have worked on further development of the platform to help automate the process, helping Chivas find exactly the right people.

In the next 5 years supporting technology needs to catch up with what web developers are doing now – browsers, servers and other technologies need to improve. The average web page size has been rapidly increasing each year, but the bandwidth available to mobile devices hasn’t increased in line with that. A good example of this is that there was nearly a 10 year gap between the launch of 3G and 4G! The general browsing experience on mobiles is slow and underwhelming.

These changes could mean better or more accurate device detection or device-aware websites, which will improve the user experience. For developers, there will be further changes to how we develop websites. We’ve become good at developing responsive sites that look great on any screen size, but there must now be more focus on optimising and speeding up websites when viewed on mobile or wearable devices.

Find out more about Liam and what his favourite cheese is over on our team page too.

Would you like to join Liam in our development team? We’re on the lookout for a PHP developer, find out more about the role in this post.