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Meet the team: Rachael, Senior Designer

Take a peek into what inspires our senior designer, Rachael, including antique shops, illustrators and tending to her allotment!

Written By:
Rachael Hudson
Agency News
  • 21/03/2016
  • 5 Mins to Read
  • By: Rachael Hudson
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rachael at rubber cheeseI couldn’t picture myself doing anything else! I’ve always wanted to be a designer of some sort even as a child. When talking about careers in school I wanted to either be a designer, a footwear designer, an architect and randomly, a firefighter. I’m not fantastic with heights, so it was going to have to be the design route!

 I love drawing and illustration, and I would always make my friend’s birthday presents and cards. I studied art & design, graphics and IT at college,  where I quickly realised  that I wanted to be a graphic designer.

My first job was at a print-based design agency which was fantastic opportunity to learn how to design across both print and web. This has held me in good stead for the 12 (sshhhh!) years I’ve been working in design and even now I still get a bubble of excitement when a new design job begins.

Keeping up to date with the latest design trends is really important, so I can keep my ideas and designs fresh and interesting. I use the usual suspects, Pinterest and Dribbble, for inspiration but sometimes you need to look around you! We’re fortunate that Rubber Cheese HQ is right next to the river and a 3-storey antiques shop, which are both fantastic places to wander if I’m having a design block.

One of my real passions is illustration, and I’m a big fan of Ryo Takemasa. Their quite raw, flat and simplistic style still manages to convey depth and texture, which makes them really exciting. Looking back, I drew a certain amount of inspiration from them when creating the main illustrations for the Rubber Cheese website!

Griddle and Shake is an exciting project I’m working on at the moment, which is a premium burger restaurant opening in Nottingham. Their mainly looking to appeal to students so the designs are really quirky, its lots of fun to work on and they are really open to trying fresh ideas! We’re working on everything from branding and printed material like menus and promotional leaflets, as well as the vision of the interiors. It feels like my baby and we all can’t wait until it launches.

When I’m not designing I spend a lot of time outdoors in my allotment or garden. I’m going to transform my little courtyard garden into an Italian walled garden this year, which is another creative project I can’t wait to work on!

Find out even more about Rachael over on our team page, and marvel at her designs here.