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Ark Schools

We’ve been working with Ark Schools for a number of years to help them develop the Mathematics Mastery Programme.

How We Helped
Ark Schools

“Transforming Achievement Together”


The Mathematics Mastery Programme is an approach to teaching maths from reception through to Year 9. It is based on the curricular principles of the most consistently high performing nations in mathematics over the past 30 years, adapted by Ark Schools to the needs of its pupils. Ark’s pioneering approach is designed to ensure that every child can achieve excellence in mathematics. It will ensure that pupils are well prepared to be highly successful in their Key Stage 4 examinations and beyond.

How we’ve helped…


We’ve worked with Ark for a number of years. We’ve created their brand and developed an Online Toolkit for their Maths Mastery Programme, which is regularly used by hundreds of teachers and schools. The system and website has become an integral part of their business and we continue to work with them to refine the functionality of it.

They wanted it to work as much as we did.

Rubber Cheese really stand out because of the way they approach projects, their common sense, lack of jargon and approachability. We knew straight away that we’d be able to work well with them, and that it’d be a real partnership, and that they wanted it to work as much as we did.

Michael Mann, ARK Schools’ Education Programmes Manager

The finer details…


The Maths Mastery Brochure Site is a content managed website, used to explain to prospective schools/teachers about Mathematics Mastery, its benefits, how the programme works, why etc. The site has a bespoke design and was developed using the WordPress CMS allowing for simple edits and updates in-house.a REBO wall can be moved.


The Online Toolkit is a database of lesson plans, worksheets, powerpoint/active inspires and training resources, for teachers to use to plan and deliver lessons according to the Mathematics Mastery Programme. The Toolkit has been developed as a completely bespoke PHP application. There are many features and complex functions included which couldn’t be found on any off the shelf packages.

We created a bespoke administration area so the client can update, edit and manage the users without the need for us to intervene.

They are responsive, intelligent, receptive to ideas.

We’ve not looked back. They’ve been a pleasure to work with. They are responsive, intelligent, receptive to ideas and to discussion, but up front when there are issues or limitations we need to consider. Our online professional development resource was innovative and hadn’t been done before, but they were always patient, calm and full of good ideas (despite a very tight timeline!).

Michael Mann, ARK Schools’ Education Programmes Manager

The Results


ARK Schools’ new approach to teaching maths, Mathematics Mastery, saw instant results. In it’s first year, the programme, which seeks to ensure pupils fully understand mathematical concepts, was taught to more than 2,000 children in 30 primary schools.

Results show that the programme has enabled the lowest-performing children to comfortably reach the expected standard for their age group and in some schools pupils have achieved more than double expected progress.

Maths Mastery has been rolled out across 142 primary and 51 secondary schools as of January 2015.

The toolkit has proved extremely popular with teachers and it continues to get great feedback. In particular, they find it very intuitive and straight forward to find what they are looking for.

Check out the Mathematics Mastery website

We haven’t finished!

Since the initial launch we have also helped to develop e-learning modules, which are online training videos for supporting teachers’ professional development, and these have been very well received. Lead teachers can clearly monitor the progress of their colleagues through the tracking system that has been developed and see which teachers are yet to complete certain modules.

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the website and help build the brand, we’ve recently made the brochure website responsive (mobile friendly) also designed a printed brochure to help promote it.

We feel Rubber Cheese have done an excellent job of making the site easy to use.

We’re extremely happy with the site and so are the hundreds of teachers that use it each week. The toolkit is excellent, very informative and has so much information. It is a really high standard of CPD. We feel Rubber Cheese have done an excellent job of making the site easy to use, intuitive, attractive, and all within budget and in time. We continue to have a strong working relationship with Rubber Cheese and regular and honest conversations, and I think this has been vital in making the project a success.

Michael Mann, ARK Schools’ Education Programmes Manager