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Brentwood Communications

We love it when a client comes to us with clear business goals; this is what websites in 2016 are about. This is exactly what Brentwood Communications approached us with – they wanted to mature their brand and website ready to grow their business.

How We Helped
Brentwood Communications

Brentwood Communications wanted to be seen amongst larger companies and the new site and the content within it was designed to do this. They had a clear focus and we gave them a website that worked efficiently and showed them as an authority in their industry.

Within the first few of months of launching, the new website has seen their traffic jump by 50% and conversions grow by 150%!

So how did we do it? Let us take you through the journey.

The brief

Help Brentwood reach the next stage of growth with a new website that must appeal to large companies looking for hire purchase or buy radios.

The business has established itself with smaller clients, and now needs a professional brand and website to reflect their aspirations. The website should assist as much as possible with the sales process – providing information, pricing and a clear path to purchase.


  • A responsive website for desktop, mobile and tablet
  • Clear, concise information to aid decision-making
  • Visitors should be no more than 2 clicks away from product 
  • Search engine optimised
  • Clear pricing
  • Robust search function and support areas


  • Poor CMS meaning client couldn’t update website easily, or at all
  • Design lacked professionalism – was not attractive to larger clients
  • Difficult to navigate and search for products and content

How we helped

Brand recognition was really important to Brentwood, so we focused the design around case studies and testimonials as well as a professional looking palette for the brand. The client had lots of examples of work they’d done before, with recognisable brands, but they weren’t being used very well.

We gathered together their case studies and mapped a plan to use them across the site. This meant that there was always a reassuring testimonial wherever the customer looked. This helped to create trust, strengthen their position as a market-leader and industry authority.

The business is split into four main areas – radios for sale, radios for hire, product information (radio features), and finally servicing and repair. We decided to colour code each of these sections, which made the site flow better and provided a sense of cohesion. The customer always knows where they are.   

Navigation was extremely important; we implemented a new ‘mega-menu’ which ensures that a customer is only 1-2 clicks away from what they need. The mega menu, which is also responsive across all devices, helps visitors get to exactly the content they need, reducing frustration. We find that when customers can navigate a site easily, their first contact with the company by email or phone tends to be more positive.

With any technology there is a lot of data that goes with it. We wanted to give visitors access to all that is available, but without crowding the page. The support section is designed in blocks to provide easy access to the right data. Alongside this is a powerful predictive search function with a richer results page including products, news and case studies.

The FAQs are easy to find in the main navigation, and the page itself is simply laid out to make it easy to scroll through. There is a jargon-buster section to explain key terms which is really useful in the buying process. The support section feels interactive, and there are many options for the visitor to find the answer they are looking for.

The CMS that surrounds the website was a key feature that Brentwood wanted to improve. We decided to use WordPress, which is easy to use and add to as well as being robust enough for long-term use. We were able to put control back in the hands of the client, which they found really important and rewarding. They can now add news stories, update product pages, add new FAQs. The new CMS also integrates with their CRM, really important for a growing business.


  • 51% increase in traffic since site launch

  • Conversions up by over 150%

  • Sales up by 30%, on target

We’ve seen some fantastic numbers come back from Brentwood since the site launch, and they have told us that they are attracting the type of customer they wanted from this build. We’re really happy we’ve contributed to the growth of their business and can’t wait to see what the future brings them!

Visit the Brentwood Communications website