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We recently had the great pleasure of working on the branding for an exciting new business, CycleFox.

How We Helped

Cycling Network


CycleFox aims to create a network of cycling professionals across the country that delivers regular cycling events, local one-to-one cycling tuition and bicycle mechanics, making these services easily available allowing more people to experience the freedom of bicycle transport.

“We’ll help you enjoy the fun and freedom of cycling”

A passion for cycling…

Founder of CycleFox, Richard Eason retired as a Squadron Leader in the Royal Air Force following 16 years service as a Training & Development Officer in 2013, and has since been working as a freelance cycling instructor. Richard has never entered a cycling competition. He doesn’t put on lycra at the weekend and doesn’t embark on 50 mile bicycle rides. However, he is passionate about cycling as a normal means of everyday transport. He believes that cycling is a fun, convenient, healthy, low cost and emission free way to complete everyday journeys. He thinks the world would be a more pleasant place to live if more people used bicycles to complete short local journeys.

A tremendous service

We have worked with RubberCheese since the very beginning of the CycleFox journey. They have provided a tremendous service and support in bringing our ideas to life through the creation of the CycleFox website and other marketing materials.

Richard Eason - Founder, CycleFox

How we’ve helped…


At the beginning of his journey, Richard approached us for a memorable and unique brand that reflects the business values of learning, community and taking action. We brought Richards ideas to life through the creation of the CycleFox website and other various marketing materials.

We began our process by brainstorming different brand names that would fit the brief and give the brand a unique and memorable identity. We put together a broad list of different options. A few conversations later, a decision was made and CycleFox was born!

The visual branding was kept clean and simple to keep it punchy and versatile. Alongside the logo we designed business cards and postcard flyers, with fun yet professional graphics and illustrations to enhance the brands personality.

The new website is responsive making it consistently viewed across all screen sizes. We built the website using the Wordpress content management system, allowing the client to make updates where necessary as the business continues to grow.

The Results


CycleFox website launched in Spring 2014, first in North London, and soon to be in many other UK locations.

Shortly after the company launch CycleFox won the Enfield Innovation Competition 2013 which is brilliant!

It’s been immense fun bringing this brand to life, and we can’t wait to watch the brand develop in the coming months and years.

Visit the CycleFox website

A talented collection of design and technical experts

It’s very reassuring to have such a talented collection of design and technical experts on hand to assist our business. It means that we can concentrate on developing and growing the CycleFox network, without getting distracted trying to achieve amateur coding or design. If you’re looking for a design studio to assist with your project then I can’t recommend RubberCheese highly enough.

Richard Eason - Founder, CycleFox