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Eureka! The National Children’s Museum

Changing the face of The National Children’s Museum

How We Helped
Eureka! The National Children’s Museum

Buying a day ticket to Eureka! The National Children’s Museum allows access for a full year of play. Eureka! staff would physically create the passes manually at the till, causing long queues.

We developed a system that completely digitised the annual pass redemption process, reducing waiting times and increasing customer happiness. 

Mobile first

With over 70% of traffic via mobiles, but only 10% of sales from the same, we rolled out our mobile first approach, improving the mobile purchasing process.


What’s inside?

An improved structure, new interactive map and gallery, gives the customer a greater insight into what the museum is about and what children can do.

Streamlined booking

User friendly booking experience, allowing customers to buy tickets for the museum on any device, anytime.

Till dashboard

The new till dashboard allows museum staff members to manage, check and process annual passes online, saving time and resource.


Bounce rate down by 94%

Online booking conversion rate up by 24.5%

Gift aid donations up, with over 80% of users gifting

"We view them as an extension of the Eureka! team"

"In 15 years of working with websites and communications, I’ve never worked with an agency quite like Rubber Cheese. We view them as an extension of the Eureka! team – they genuinely want to produce the best possible work for us, and that translates into the quality of our website and annual pass system. As a Communications Manager, it’s a pleasure to work with a team whose advice, opinions and knowledge I can depend on. They welcome honest, open communications and I’ve been able to talk candidly with them about the challenges we’ve faced, knowing that we’re all working towards a shared goal".

Sophie Ballinger, Communications Manager - Eureka! The National Children’s Museum