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Hertfordshire Supplies

Hertfordshire Supplies had a plan to grow their brand and business outside of the constraints of the Hertfordshire borders. To enable them to do this, they came to us for a total re-brand, including a new name, logo, stationery, the lot!

How We Helped
Hertfordshire Supplies

“The last word in educational supplies”


Hertfordshire Supplies delivers schools and universities great quality, well priced educational supplies. Their huge 1950 page catalogue is filled with everything a school or university could need from stationery, furniture, signage, ICT equipment, first aid, sport supplies and lots more. 

How we helped..


Their previous logo, ‘Hertfordshire Supplies’ was heavily linked to Hertfordshire County Council, and although they operate actively in areas outside of Hertfordshire such as London, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, the brand could have been seen a little too regional.

Focusing on education as the theme, we developed a number of suitable new brand names, having carried out Companies House, Trademark and Social Media checks on all.

Full Stop – The last word in Educational Supplies was the chosen brand name & tagline, however when changing a brand name, care needs to be taken to not to confuse and alienate existing clients. We developed a number of transition stages so the new brand can be introduced over a umber of months.

Herts Full Stop – The last word in Educational Supplies will be used initially, allowing the old and new name to work alongside each other.


  • Name Creation
  • Brand Creation
  • Branding Guidelines
  • Stationery Design
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Flyer & Brochure Artwork

Rubber Cheese was quickly highlighted as a progressive and reliable company

When making the decision to rebrand a business, a great deal of trust and responsibility is placed in the hands of the creative agency that are chosen to deliver on the project.

When investigating the market, Rubber Cheese was quickly highlighted as a progressive and reliable company, and our choice in their appointment was quickly proven to be an astute one.

Not only have they delivered on all aspects of the brief, but the relationships between the two companies has grown to the point that we consider Rubber Cheese to be true partners in our future development.

James Gardner, Business Development Manager

Only the beginning!

Working with the team at Herts Full Stop on their new brand has been immense fun, and we’re not stopping here! We have lots more exciting projects to build the brand further, so this is just the start of an awesome relationship.