Al Villamor

is our Support Developer

Our super speedy support developer who ensures any urgent support and maintenance issues are handled in a timely and calm manner.

Al started his career as an Instructor and Database Administrator in the College of Engineering / IT department, and now has over 11 years of hands-on experience as a PHP / MYSQL Online Programmer, WordPress Developer and Laravel Developer.

He has intensive experience in creating well-structured codes, custom functions and custom database queries, WordPress themes and custom plugins, custom add-ons from scratch and more.

Strong analytical skills combined with experience in object-oriented programming techniques comes in very handy! As does his applied experience in Database Management and Website Development using PHP, MySql, Laravel, CakePHP, Codeigniter, Wordpress, WooCommerce, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML & CSS.

Phew! He’s definitely the best person to be in charge of our support process!

“Whatever the project, we create innovative, user-friendly solutions that make a positive, measurable impact on your business.”

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