Ryan French

is our UX / UI Designer

Ryan has over six years experience as a digital designer. He’s worked with plenty of exciting global brands such as Resident Advisor, Bowers & Wilkins, Casio, Beaverbrooks, SoftBank and many more. His proudest project moment was a complex checkout redesign for Beaverbrooks, a family run jewellers.

Ryan is an accomplished product designer, researcher and strategist. With an abundance of creativity and a good understanding of how people act online, he designs websites that delight and deliver tangible results. He’s often praised for his keen attention to detail and thoughtful, contemporary approach to digital design. It’s safe to say his clients and colleagues love him!

His favourite motto is “life's too mysterious to take too serious.” and has a guilty pleasure for Cheryl Cole and her latest songs.

He also takes the prize for making the biggest impact on his first day of work at Rubber Cheese Towers, when he unexpectedly turned up for work wearing his favourite chicken outfit.

“he designs websites that delight and deliver tangible results”

“Whatever the project, we create innovative, user-friendly solutions that make a positive, measurable impact on your business.”

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