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What is a creative agency?

People say not to judge a book by its cover, but if you had the choice between two books with exactly the same story inside and both identically priced, with the only difference being that one has a beautifully designed high quality hardback cover, and the other is a slightly dull paperback.. which would you stretch to pick up off the shelf first?

Written By:
Trudy Collins
  • 20/08/2013
  • 7 Mins to Read
  • By: Trudy Collins
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Don’t Have Much Time?

We’ve condensed this blog down for all of the people with not a lot of time:


3 fundamental reasons why you won’t regret hiring a creative agency…

1. Because good design is good business
2. Return on investment
3. Consistency is key

Yes, it’s likely that the beautiful hardback had time and money invested into making it stand off the shelf, but the return on investment it gained made it far more profitable than the sad little paperback, which remains sat on that shelf gathering a light coating of dust, poor thing. So, if you could chose one book to represent your business… which do you think it would be?

Creative agencies are responsible for making you stretch for one product over another, they’re the reason you stay on a website for longer than the average 3 seconds. They help you remember businesses, and give you that little nudge to go and engage with them. Their job is to turn you into a loyal customer. How do they do this? With buckets of talent, skills, experience and strong values… they combine design, strategy, advertising and digital services, to solve problems and create something that you will love.

Written By:
Trudy Collins

3 fundamental reasons why you won’t regret hiring a creative agency

1. Because good design is good business

You can’t build a beautiful house without strong foundations, and you can’t build a successful business without a strong brand. This is something only experienced and talented creative professionals (like us) can give you, not your friends cousin who recently bought a copy of Photoshop – tools don’t make a designer.

2. Return on investment

Remember the books, and how one was picked off the shelf for it’s high quality and eye catching design leaving the other on the shelf to gather dust? This is made happen by talented creative agencies who are passionate about what they do. Without their help to create a results driven design, you too could end up left on the shelf with the others who aren’t making any sales, which would be very sad indeed.

3. Consistency is key

A creative agency has all the skills and services required so that your brand is kept consistent across all areas of your business. This means your business will always be dealt with by the same designers who know your brand almost as well as you do. They’re basically your very own creative department, just in a different part of the country that’s all.

Choosing your creative agency

Ok, so here we could say that we’re the only creative agency you’ll ever need as we’re pretty darn awesome at what we do, so you should definitely nip over to our contact page and give us a “hola”.. But actually, we may not fit all your needs. Perhaps you like to have face-to-face meetings and we’re just a bit far out of your reach, whatever the reason for not getting in touch with us, we’re sure it’s a good one, so we’d still love to help you find the agency that’s just right for you. Here are just three things to keep an eye out for…


First and foremost, their portfolio needs to be of a high standard. Bad design can be even worse than no design at all. Ask yourself the following;

  • What are your first impressions of their portfolio?
  • How experienced are their designers and team members?
  • What kind of clients have they worked with and what were the results?
  • Were the clients happy with the service and end result?


It’s true that bigger isn’t always better. If the team is too large, your work and communication could easily get lost in the abyss of overcrowded systems.. and as their client you could become a small fish in a big pond getting left with a lack of personal service and dedication to your project. On the other hand, hiring a ‘one man band’ could mean that when they inconveniently take a holiday, your project will come to a grinding holt – not ideal.

Put some thought into the size of the agency you want to work with. Who would you be dealing with? Will you get to speak directly to the Designer or an Account Handler? Each creative agency has a completely different set-up and come in many shapes and sizes, so make sure you find the one that suits you.


Two creative agencies may provide the same services, but it’s their values that set them worlds apart and differentiates their outcomes. For example, which of the following do they value most;

  • Happy Clients
  • Happy Employees
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Honesty & Transparency
  • High Quality & Excellence
  • Social & Environmental Responsibility
  • Clear communication
  • Profit & Growth

While their core values won’t change what they do exactly, it can show through in the work they produce, so we recommend finding an agency who’s values are in line with your own as much as possible.

We hope this post has given you a little insight into the world of creative agencies. Have any un-answered questions or anything you’d like to chat with us about? Visit our contact page to get in touch, or you could leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

Creative agencies are responsible for making you stretch for one product over another, they’re the reason you stay on a website for longer than the average 3 seconds.