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Come & Say Hello

We love building relationships with our clients that will last. Give us a call to talk through your ideas.

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What We Do

How We Work

How we take your ideas and make them into reality

1. A Good Old Chin Wag

First things first, we stick the kettle on and reach for the biscuits. Usually chocolate but we’re not fussy.

Once we’ve critiqued the hot beverage of choice we’ll sit down and have a chat about the football game from the night before, how annoying the M25 can be or what your favourite biscuit is. We’ll be working closely together for a while, so we want to get-to-know the people we’ll be dealing with.

Then we get down to business and concentrate on the project at hand. We ask questions about your business, the current state of the market, what your end goals are and the ideas you have to get there. We listen and digest what you want to say and to whom. As new ideas start to bounce around the room we form a visual journey to the finish line.

2. Master Plan

Once the biscuits are all gone, we get serious. This is the part when we bring the ideas and the research together into an awesome strategy.

We plan each stage of the project in detail, clarifying specifications, functionality and objectives. We’ll understand the desired outcomes and agree milestones so we can work out the investment you’ll need to make.

3. Rainbows & Unicorns

Enough of the planning and talking, now we get creative. We dust down the crayons and ride on unicorns down a rainbow slide of joy to where the magic begins! Ok maybe that’s a bit too far. It’s actually the part when we use our knowledge, skill and creative juices to make something that’s functional, desirable and innovative. (Or you could just say - we make something that’s amazing!)

4. We’re a Team

Over the years we have refined our design process to fully include our clients. We believe they should have input on every part of the project. Together we can create clever websites, logos, or magazines that are really, really special.

5. Content is King

There’s no point having a great looking website if the content is, well lets just say - not up to scratch. Using the research we’ve carried out and the knowledge we have about your company, we’ll help you decide what content should be included and how it should be displayed. If you’re having problems creating content, we can help with that too.

6. We Hate Goodbyes

We’re constantly looking at ways that we can help and improve our clients businesses so they can reach their long term goals and ambitions. So when a project reaches the end of it’s journey, it won’t be the end of our wonderful relationship... let’s hug!

7. We Love It When a Plan Comes Together

Because of the master plan and the milestones we set at the beginning of a project, we always meet deadlines, on-time and on-budget.

However, sometimes things get forgotten (we’re all human) and clients may want to add something that wasn’t part of the original scope. We’re flexible, we’ll always do our very best to fit something in before the deadline.

The team are friendly, helpful and very quick to resolve issues

I would recommend Rubber Cheese to someone who was sitting on the fence as they offered a better quality service & end product than their competitors


Jonathan Northrop, Paediatric Programme Administrator at PGMC, NHS


Every project is different, but there are some things that remain constant.

  • No Jibba Jabba Fool!

    We won’t speak design or business jargon and we don’t use abbreviations. If any do slip through, just slap our wrists!

  • No Hidden Costs

    We don’t hide costs, you won’t get an unexpected bill for an item that you didn’t know anything about.

  • Lateness is Bad

    As long as the client keeps their end of the bargain, we’ll always meet agreed time scales and deadlines, even if it means we have to bust a gut to do so.

  • Communication is Key

    We will always keep you informed with how the project is progressing and be very clear with time scales and milestones. We will always endeavor to return calls, emails, or enquiries as quickly as possible.

  • Bend and Flex

    Our clients are busy, they have businesses to run, so we’re always flexible. If a client is late with feedback, we’ll be flexible and re-jig some things around to get the job done.

  • No Egos

    One of our pet hates is egos. We don’t stand for them, and you certainly won’t experience egos of any kind on your journey with us. Fact.