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Why the Meat Pack ‘hijack’ campaign was marketing genius!

The trendy Guatemalan shoe store ‘Meat Pack’ put mobile marketing to innovative use with their edgy, and quite cheeky ‘Hijack’ campaign.

Written By:
Trudy Collins
  • 28/06/2013
  • 6 Mins to Read
  • By: Trudy Collins
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The competition between retailers has never been so fierce. Creating a campaign that will attract and engage customers can be quite a challenge. ‘Meat Pack’ however has made marketing look easy with their and ground breaking, and quite cheeky ‘Hijack’ campaign – we love it!

Operation Hijack

The edgy and trendy Guatemalan shoe store ‘Meat Pack’ put mobile marketing to innovative use with their recent campaign. Using GPS tracking technology, the ‘Hijack’ mobile app detects the location of their target customer, and once they enter a nearby competitors store, a discount clock is triggered on their smartphone starting a count down from 100% discount, and dropping by 1% each second – the user is therefore encouraged to ditch their competitors and race to Meat Pack as quick as they can in order to get the highest possible discount. The app then automatically posts the customers successful discount redemption on their Facebook profile.. very smart!

Check out the video of Operation Hijack in action..

Why it’s Marketing Genius

No longer does a piece of paper with ‘voucher’ printed on it guarantee you sales, nor does it catch the attention of your target audience in a creative way. Everywhere we look there are offers and discounts we can get our hands on if we look hard enough, but ‘Hijack’ has truly broken the mould. Here are just a few reasons why we think it’s been so successful..

There was a clear strategy in place as it was aimed purely at their target market.

The campaign is personalised to the user from the moment the triggered count down appears on their smartphone.

There’s an innovative use of technology with it’s GPS tracking mobile app.

The customer experience that this campaign creates is undoubtedly a fun and memorable one!

This campaign is extremely creative in its concept, design and use of technology.

It got people talking on social media sites helping to positively promote their store.


Finally a promotion to get excited about, we just wish we could get involved!